Large Country Garden

August 5, 2016 by Sue in CountryLargePrivate
Large Country Garden

Janet Cole's Country Garden, North Yorkshire

I was renovating a Victorian farmhouse and commissioned Sue to design the hard landscaping for a completely new garden. The design had to take account of a quite specific brief - vegetable and fruit beds, greenhouse, wildflower area - and also suit the very windy site. Not only did Sue answer the brief, she also understood the underlying feel that the garden was to have, and the ways in which it was to be used. Her proposals for the layout and materials were very well considered and supported by clear drawings and instructions for the builders. Potential minefields such as costs and timings were navigated using clear and timely communication. Sue has a real love of gardens and landscape and is fantastically knowledgeable and professional to work with - highly recommended!

Janet Cole


Sue's Comment

This large country garden was very exposed and unlike other projects, this client wanted to retain strong links to the farmland around. She is a good plantswoman and wanted to select the plants herself so my job was to give structure to the space around her Victorian farmhouse. Different gardens were created including a fruit garden and a veg garden (in the space that had been a fold yard). I advised her on creating a meadow near the house around an existing old apple tree – we both wanted to retain such a characterful feature and reference to the past use of the space. The meadow makes a connection with the wild-flower planted field edges and views out of the garden have been retained while some reduction to the exposure will be achieved by internal informal hedging.
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