Small Town Garden
August 11, 2016 by Sue in City, Private, Small 0 Comments

Sue and Brian's Small Town Garden We are delighted with the garden that Sue has designed for us. We set her a very difficult design task because we were about to have a house extension into a small town garden that is shaded by a neighbour’s tree. In addition, we work abroad a lot so needed a garden that does not need constant attention. We had a small lawn that struggled to grow in the shade, so we wanted that to go. We also wanted a garden that provided change, interest and scents throughout the year. So, what could she suggest? Sue spent a lot time with us exploring and teasing out our likes, dislikes and preferences in terms of plants and shrubs, colours and smells, as well as finding out about our commitment to gardening. As a result, she has designed an amazing garden which is visually beautiful, has gorgeous scents and attracts bees – all of which were important to us. Even at this early stage, it is giving us more pleasure than either of us could have imagined. Sue Boyle   Sue's Comment I was really pleased to be asked to work on this walled intimate space […]

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Large Country Garden
August 5, 2016 by Sue in Country, Large, Private 0 Comments

Janet Cole's Country Garden, North Yorkshire I was renovating a Victorian farmhouse and commissioned Sue to design the hard landscaping for a completely new garden. The design had to take account of a quite specific brief - vegetable and fruit beds, greenhouse, wildflower area - and also suit the very windy site. Not only did Sue answer the brief, she also understood the underlying feel that the garden was to have, and the ways in which it was to be used. Her proposals for the layout and materials were very well considered and supported by clear drawings and instructions for the builders. Potential minefields such as costs and timings were navigated using clear and timely communication. Sue has a real love of gardens and landscape and is fantastically knowledgeable and professional to work with - highly recommended! Janet Cole   Sue's Comment This large country garden was very exposed and unlike other projects, this client wanted to retain strong links to the farmland around. She is a good plantswoman and wanted to select the plants herself so my job was to give structure to the space around her Victorian farmhouse. Different gardens were created including a fruit garden and a […]

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Town Garden
August 5, 2016 by Sue in Informal, Private, York 0 Comments

Alan Rose's Town Garden, York I asked Sue to design a formal, but relaxed, garden in a medium-sized walled setting behind a Victorian house in York. The design allows plenty of comfortable movement and a transition from a paved entertaining area to a softer, grassed and shady area. A number of seating locations work wonderfully to allow relaxation at different times of day and light conditions. Several sizes and shapes of beds allow optimal use of warm walls and opportunities for varied planting. A particular design breakthrough is a combination of paving that deals with the house being on an angle to the garden, offering an interesting and inviting view and flow. I am extremely happy with the design and the way it has worked-out over several years of usage; friends and visitors love the garden too! I would be happy to arrange for anyone to visit the garden to view the design. Alan Rose   Sue's Comment This town garden was an interesting challenge as the new conservatory was not at 90 degrees to the rest of the house and looked over the fence to next door's garden rather than into the client's space. My solution was to combine […]

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