Fees and Services

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Fees and Services

Every client, project and budget is different so I am happy to create a service and work to a budget that suits you, whether it is for a complete redesign, a planting scheme or something in between. At our initial meeting I will show you past work and outline the complete service I offer – see below. We will discuss fees and your budget so that I can tailor what I offer to do appropriately. Always we agree the service that suits you.

I normally charge in stages, payment for one stage being due before I move on to the next. A new fee is agreed before I begin the next stage and no work is undertaken without written agreement. Timescales are always agreed.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please contact me here.


Main Services:

1. A basic measured survey, an examination of the site, production of a drawing of the existing site, an analysis of the site’s potential and a briefing meeting followed by the production of the Brief. NB Surveys by others may be necessary.

2. The development of the Design including a meeting to discuss the initial ideas, the production and presentation of the Detailed Design Drawing from which the project can be built, and a meeting with the Builder.


3. The development of the Planting Design with a Drawing from which the site can be planted plus Aftercare Advice and Support.


Additional Services

  • Further meetings and design time, production of construction drawings and specifications, project monitoring, plant sourcing, supply and planting and additional return visits to help with the establishment of the garden will be charged at the hourly rate.


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